Mommy and Me Halloween Costume

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You are probably wondering where I have been…


Last summer, I started to notice that the more I focus on being a mom and giving my little one extra time, the happier and more cheerful I was. I started to feel a little relaxed even. Last year most of my mental creative focus went to my machine and all my extra time and energy too. You would see me running into my sewing space with my daughter on my lap or during nap times, hushing my daughter as she tried playing with me and I was typing away at my computer. Admittedly, I started to feel guilty. Sewing and blogging was at one point my obsession and passion but as Nia turned into a toddler, it became more of a chore. A nagging in the back of my mind. I’ve always felt fulfillment from it that’s why I still stuck with it. But I wanted to feel what it was like to just be a wife and mom one hundred percent. No sewing, blogging and social media. Just focus on being a wife and mom. I just wanted to relax and let go for a month or two see how I feel, just test it out. And my conclusion… I gained perspective and appreciation. Modesty aside my daughter, as early as 2 yrs old can “read” (blend a 3 letter-word) and can already count up to fifty. I felt accomplishment with being a mom.

I thought of letting go of my passion. But, in the last few days, I’ve been itching to do projects, to sew, to share my projects. I’ve misssssssed it. I want to love being a mom and being a diy blogger at the same time. I do feel accomplishment with being a mom, but I need my creative outlet back. So, I’m back. I have to.  But, I don’t think I can commit my 100% at it. I decided to stick with my priority and that is being a mom and wife and do what I love in my spare time. Sure you could hear from me every now and then sharing my projects with you all.

Halloween was a blast we spent the day with the Days as they threw a baby shower Halloween themed party. We had a lot of fun with the games. The food?… outstanding! and of course by just being with the relatives alone was magical. We even won the “Best Halloween Costume” haha!


Since Nia has this pumpkin costume lying around in the house I had to make one for my self to match her. I made us some matching shoes as well.



I enjoyed making the shoe pattern. I thought it’s clever as winter is fast approaching. They were stuffed and are incredibly comfy. The soles are nonskid which is perfect for my very active toddler.





My costume was extremely simple and insanely easy to make. I just had to trace my old non fitting shirt and shorts on and this pattern was born…


I drew a happy pumpkin face, transferred them onto my felted fabrics. I stuck them in place with fabric glue. Sewn them in place to secure, after my zipper was installed.



I made this stem and leaves to decorate my hoodie.


Then finished them with some hemming. And that’s it a Halloween costume for under $10.00! Scored!





See you in my next look for less project. Thanks for reading!


DIY Ombre top out of 2 old shirts

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Hello lovely refashionistas! I know most of you are waiting for some brand new posts but I can hardly find much time to do these tutorials as much as I want to so please accept my apologies.

I hope you are all enjoying the much awaited season – Fall! So as I sat thinking what to make to compensate with this tutorial shortage it hit me that a nice fall inspired refashion project would be a great idea. I personally love ombre but instead of dying those fabrics which could get a little messy not to mention a bit pricey. I opted to combine these old monochromatic shirts I own to create the ombre effect I wanted to achieve. 👇


Ready, Set, Sew!

Step 1. Since I already mastered my measurements I just had to transfer them on my shirt, but taking your favorite shirt to mimic is still the best. Trace on your shirt and chop off those sleeves and sides that you wanted to take in.



Step 2. Cut the first shirt in half and transfer the bottom measurement on the second shirt you wanted to combine your first shirt with. (gees, that’s mouthful!)



Here, you wanna make sure that those bed buttons are matching on the 2nd shirt.


Step 3. Pin them down and sew making sure those bed buttons aren’t shifting and that those buttons are on equal distances, to achieve a seamless look.


Step 4: Add some drama by attaching a pocket on one side like so…


And voila!


I’ll make sure to post my after pic in it next time loves! I’m just not in the model mood this time ha! But I hope I inspired you to create another look for less! till next lovelies! Thanks for reading. God bless! xoxo

Art for freedom

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Over the last few years since I got here in the United States, the fourth of July has become one of my favorite holidays. I don’t make a big deal of every holiday but there are a few where I like to dress up, but I’m all about creating outfits with pieces from what we already have at home and that can still be worn all year long. Just like these last minute recycled Patriotic shirts I made for my self and for my mini me.


This project is really fun to make and by just looking at the photos you could tell how easy these shirts were made.

Main ingredients? Miniature Flags and a permanent marker…








You may choose to keep or take off the flag applique’s after all the 4th’s fun either way, you saved a dime!

Till next diy look for less loves! happy sewing!

Ready, set, sew!

The upsidedown skirt


Don’t throw that trousers!


Your hubba might not want it anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something new from them. If your hubba’s like mine, he’s got at least a few pairs that have seen better days. Now it’s time to deconstruct with this refashioning inspiration. All you do is cut them in half and sew them like your normal pencil or A-line skirts only upside down. Then add a 4 inch-waistband to make it look like high waist-ed.





There you have it! A unique and a never seen before upside down skirt! So set aside a little time and bring that trousers back to life!

Ready, Set, Sew!

Till next DIY look for less loves! Thanks for reading!

P.S. A big thanks to Refashion Nation for featuring my work on their site! cheers! you are the best!


scrappy cropped top



If you’re a sewing veteran you’ll understand how valuable it is to know what to make with your fabric scraps. This project encourages you to sew quilted garments with leftover fabric,  a stash-buster that cleans out your scrap basket. The finished product is a functional piece of clothing , while the process gets rid of all that accumulated fabric.


All you do is dump out your mountainous scraps and piece them in strips. I just used my normal sewing machine as I don’t have a serger. Serging the edges is a lot more faster as oppose to zigzag stitching so they don’t fray all over. Since zigzagging is not an option to me as I don’t have a lot of time to sew, I had to take a scrap lining from my stash and lined it so it’ll end up finished and professional looking.


The back bodice is made out of a pant leg. Since I only have one not to mention a very short pant leg. I had to use my leftover bias tape to finish the arms and the back hem. I say the exposed gold zipper took the top into the next level.



I hope this simple diy inspired you to recycle your own fashion scrap heap! Till next diy look for less lovelies! Thanks for reading!


Raglan cropped top refashion

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Projects that can be made with literally portions of fabric are the best. Today learn how to turn your shirt into a stylish raglan top without depleting your precious pile!


Ready, Set, Sew!

Take an old/new shirt you want to refashion. I am using an old cut out dress. I’m sure some of you remember this dress which I cut in half and turned into a zipper collar top last year.




Now I’m taking half of  the dress to transform into a raglan cropped top.


DIY How-to:

You need to mark horizontal lines on both shoulders starting from the neckline to the armpit section of your shirt like so…


Cut and lay it flat on the other side of the shirt for precision.


and it’ll look like this once done…


Transfer the shoulder measurement down to your scrap fabric leaving seam allowances then sew them on and voila! Your brand new top is born!



Till next DIY look for less loves!


Mother of all Denims

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Track pants are one of those trends that I was so dubious about at first. I mean who wants to walk around looking like one is wearing pajamas right? But after I have created this new baby and figured how to wear them well, I was so on board.

I’m sure some of you are still unsure about this trend but just because these pants feel like jammies doesn’t mean they can’t become chic. Throw them on with blazer and heels or cropped top both of which will offset the slouchinnes of the pants. You’ll thank me too when you feel insanely comfortable all day long.


If you’re convinced with this look then go grab your supplies and let’s get creative! I used denim stretch material for this project.


Ready, Set, Sew!

2014-05-17 181720

D.I.Y. Track Pants Tutorial

(You may also refer to my zara skort imitation tutorial for similar instructions)

1. Trace your favorite jeans to create your pant legs, making sure the hips are wider than your normal pair. You need 2 front and 2 back pant leg pieces. Be sure to make the back leg pants an inch bigger from the inseams than the front leg pieces as shown on the illustration. You’ll end up with these…


2. With the right sides together, sew the front pant legs along the curves as shown. Next, hem your pant legs.

3. Attach an invisible zipper on your back pant leg pieces.

4. Be sure to extend the zipper out by four inches then hem.


5. Sew the front and back leg pants together then set darts on front and back pieces as shown, so it fits nicely.

6. Measure your waist and divide it into 2. Transfer that measurement down to your fabric including seam allowances and create 2 waist bands as shown. Grab 1 band and cut in half.

7. Connect the 3 band pieces. Baste the top portion of the band as shown.

8. Create 2 tubes. Each tube measures 30″  long and 3″ wide.


9. Insert the tube’s raw edge into the band where the baste stitch is. Do that on both sides.

10. Pin the waist band on, right sides together then sew and your project is complete!


Till next DIY look for less lovelies! Thanks for reading!